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   You are your own answer! 

You don't have to look outside of yourself.  If you don't like what you are experiencing, you can create something else.  That's the God power you have on the inside of you.  Everything you need to become U2theFULL starts here. 

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Do you believe that you create your own reality?

Your thoughts and beliefs of the past have created this very moment and all the moments up to this moment in time.  


And, what you are now choosing to believe and think and say will create the next moment and the next day and the next month and the next year. 

Your thoughts, yes, what you think in your conscious mind and what exists in your subconscious mind shapes your life. 

Let me ask you a question..."would you want what you are thinking right now to become true for you? If it's a thought of worry, anger, fear, lack, regretfullness, how do you think those thoughts will come back to you in the future?  Because they will if you dwell in this space over and over again. 

BeU2theFuLL is the platform that helps you to awaken, be challenged and and recreate whatever no longer serves you in life.  Many of us have lived by a regimented code where we are confined to:

  • steps,

  • principles, and

  • protocols, that don't serve us. 


We've lived this way for a significant period of our lives - according to everyone else's standards, perspectives, and principles. Everything that we align with has a "code" of behavior, thought processes and principles that you must ascribe to. 


But, how have you really grown? What needs to be reset in your storehouse of outdated thoughts and principles? 


It's NOW time for the awakening and recreating of the life that truly serves you. 

That's why I created BEU2theFULL, a three-month membership program that will help you do just that. 


Month 1, Dismantling Auto Pilot Beliefs 
Month 2, ReValuing Yourself                                                                                   
Month 3, Creating Life in 7's
No matter when you join you get to spend three months with me to peel off the old and create the new. If you  join on the 7th, your membership will continue and be billed on the 7th of each month for  three months. After the three months are up, if you choose to continue your membership with me, a month-to-month subscription will be put in place for you at the same low price.  Under the month-to-month subscription you can cancel at any time. 

"As soon as you truly commit to making

something happen, the 'how' will reveal itself."

Tony Robbins

Janice, you have a unique eye for the authentic and extraordinary. Your ear and heart is attuned to igniting the dreams and dried up streams in others that have lain dormant, quenched and crushed. Your encouragement yields the fruit of hope and wonderful possibilities. 

P. Monroe