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Meet the Divine U

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Our reason for BEing

BeU2TheFull encourages women to be mentally masterful in their creation of new life experiences. We do this by awakening and challenging women to break free from auto-pilot thinking and belief systems.

The Full Vision

The vision and reason for this platform is to transform the way women have been programmed to think and do life. We want to help break the old mental paradigms that have been constructed through traditions, culture cues, church, social programming, etc., that have kept so many women stuck. This will be accomplished workshops, one on one    re-vitalization sessions, and mini/intimate BeU2TheFull retreats for healing, restoration and refreshing. 
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Not sure if your ready 2 start your journey?

If you don't like what you are experiencing in life, do you look for solutions outside of yourself?

Are you aware that past thoughts and beliefs have created this very moment in your life?


Would you want what you are thinking right now to become true for you?

 What needs to be reset in your storehouse of outdated thoughts and principles? 
Do you live by a regimented code where you are confined to steps, principles, and protocols, that no longer serve you?
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The BeU 2 The  Full 3-month

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Live webinars

Discussing the monthly topic 
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Working through any blocks and creating a new experience
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Corresponding reading material to help deepen your understanding
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  Coaching and  program reviews

This class has added value and increased awareness of my life! Coach Janice certified coaching course opens your understanding of how to bring out the best in the client and myself. Continue to thrive in your gifting Coach Janice. The seeds you have planted will produce fruit and MULTIPLY in others! 

Sherry C. 

Janice, you have a unique eye for the authentic and extraordinary. Your ear and heart is attuned to igniting the dreams and dried up streams in others that have lain dormant, quenched and crushed. Your encouragement yields the fruit of hope and wonderful possibilities.

P. Monroe

Thank You

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