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Life Coach Classes 


There has NEVER been a better time to become a LIFE COACH! The world needs you more now than ever! Become a life coach and create a purpose-driven business doing what you love—helping people transform their lives. 

Here’s How The Life Coach Classes Program Works...

The Life Coach Course is designed to provide foundational instruction on the principles of life coaching.

The course starts when you say go!!! It is on manual distribution which means you receive all 7 lessons upon registration. This is a self-pace and a learn as you go study platform.

Perfect for those who are on the go and cannot conform to a structured schedule.

Go as fast as you like or take your time as long as you complete the course within a 4-month period.

And, your Life Coach Trainer, Janice Thorne, is available LIVE after you complete each lesson to answer questions. 

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There are 3 components to each lesson:


  • The Course Lesson 

  • An Audio.

  • Fieldwork for you to use this knowledge in the real world.


The final phase of the life coach program includes an overview of the course and live exam interview.

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Course Lesson 

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An Audio




The Course Lessons are:

  • Class 1  - What is Coaching?

  • Class 2  - Fundamentals of Goal Attainment 

  • Class 3  - Developing Action Plans 

  • Class 4  - The Art of Questioning 

  • Class 5  - Listening as a Coach 

  • Class 6  - Empowering Your Client 

  • Class 7  - Living in the Moment 

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And 3 complimentary eBooks that will help you get started:

  • Building Your Coach Business 

  • How to Create Your Own Resources

  • A Starter Kit of coaching models and questions

Once you have completed the lessons,  

A Coaching Interview with your certified life coach trainer will be conducted. This is the final exam interview which will be conducted through ZOOM.


You will learn:

  • Basic foundational knowledge of life coaching; (VERY KEY)

  • Goal preparation; 

  • Use of powerful questions to get to the root of your client's thought processes; 

  • How to help your client find their personal drive triggers; 

  • How living in the moment is important;  and so much more...

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