"Every woman has a hidden desire on the inside of her that wants to be released. So often it's been silenced, pushed-aside, pushed-down, or promised a future date that has never manifested. It's NOW time to push out your highest heart's desire."

Janice McMillian

Life Coaching Courses





In life, we move forward based on our dominant thoughts. How we dominate our thoughts produces a dominate vision. Life coaching can do that. It's a viable skillset that helps you to change your mind, then your thoughts so that you can release the greatness that's already in you or your clients.

Are you:

  • The person whom everyone relies on for advice and wisdom;

  • The person who wants to live in a place where their highest heart's desire connects with their gifts and talents?

  • Sick and tired of being sick and tired and want to change your life?


If you want to learn foundational coaching principles this course will provide insights into this amazing path of learning. Whether you're looking for personal development or career profession, this course is for you!


Yes, you! You will learn:


  • The basics and fundamentals of life coaching;

  • The importance of goal setting and attainment of goals;

  • How to create a strategic plan for your clients or yourself;

  • How to use powerful questions to get to the root of your client's thought processes;

  • The importance of living in the moment;  

  • How to make better meaningful life decisions;

  • How to run a group coaching session;

  • How to pick a niche that is profitable and aligned with your purpose; 

  • How to run a successful coach practice;

  • How to help your client find their personal drive triggers;

  • How to gain a stronger spiritual-based from which to operate;

  • The importance of neuro-plasticity in coaching, and much more...


The Course Lessons are:


  • Class 1  - What is Coaching? 

  • Class 2  - Fundamentals of Goal Attainment 

  • Class 3  - Developing Action Plans 

  • Class 4  - The Art of Questioning 

  • Class 5  - Listening as a Coach 

  • Class 6  - Empowering Your Client 

  • Class 7  - Different Client Types 

  • Class 8  - Living in the Moment 

  • Class 9 -  Building Your Coach Business 

  • Class 10- Seminars and Workshops 

  • Coaching Interview (Live w/coach) - The final interview will be conducted via online video platform, ZOOM. 


​You'll get:


  • A password-protected resource center through the teaching platform, Coursecraft; You will have access to each coaching lesson, an audio of the lesson and additional coaching tools that will make your training seamless. 

  • Coaching tools that can be branded to your business;

  • A certified coach trainer who can answer (through email) hot button questions about your class and more...


This offering has A SPECIAL discount of $127.00.Get life coaching at a discounted rate and start operating in your craft today! The best part about this course is that:

  • You can study at your own pace and learn the lessons at any time;

  • You can learn with an internet connection nationally and internationally;

  • You WILL receive certification as a life coach through this program.


Once you've completed the entire process, you and I (your master certified coach trainer) will have a one-on-one coaching session to determine your level of coaching knowledge. I will provide your coaching certification and website badge upon completion of this coaching interview session.

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This class has added value and increased awareness of my life! Coach Janice certified coaching course opens your understanding of how to bring out the best in the client and myself. Continue to thrive in your gifting Coach Janice. The seeds you have planted will produce fruit and MULTIPLY in others! 

Sherry Cox