Divine Circulation is a monthly group collaboration where individuals can gather to discuss and identity incorrect thought streams and strongholds that keep them from successfully moving forward in life.

Using study guide principles, the coach trainer/facilitator will cover: 

  • how habits are formed by repetition

  • building basic thought patterns 

  • observing inner conversations

  • eliminating old processes of worry, and more...

The goal of the group is to recreate new thought patterns that are not diluted, diverted, inhibited, congested and retarded. We will work to recreate thought patterns where everything that is said and done is quenched into perfect right actions.  Monthly group collaborations will be conducted via Zoom.  Entirely FREE! 

Sign up below or send an email to jmariecoaching@gmail.com and let's start the journey of recreating thought patterns that produce the life you want. 


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Janice McMillian 

Phone: 240-706-1297

Email: jmariecoaching@gmail.com 

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