"When you know what you were designed to do - YOU do it with no apologies. I write. That's been one of my gifts since "way yonder." 

Janice McMillian

Writing allows me the freedom to express my ideas, thoughts, and sentiments to the reader in a way that I believe, "ushers them down their yellow brick road."  

Allow me to introduce to you some of my best e-books and books.  They were created out of some of my own life experiences. Use them as tools for transformation and for coaching your way out of your current reality. 

Some are free, others have a minimal cost. Either way, your life will be enriched and full. Don't you want that? 

  • Ridiculous Faith

  • 15-Day Coaching Guide to Living Alive

  • 30-Day Diary of a Woman Taking Her Life Back 

  • Plan2Win (Free)

  • Why Sit Ye Here and Die? 

  • Follow Your Bread Crumbs

  • 40 Days, A Spiritual Walk with God E-Devotional

  • Unafraid and Fifty: Pushing the Reset Button on Your Life

  • Every Rock Needs to Week 

  • Is Dat Me? (Free)

  • Career Considerations (Free) 

  • My Life: Creating a Strong Personal Foundation

This is some of my best work bundled together in way that will inspire, motivate and hopefully  prompt you to walk in your highest heart's desire too. 


Programs and classes that build you into the person you see in your heart.  Includes everything you’ll need to become U2theFULL

Janice McMillian 

Phone: 240-706-1297

Email: jmariecoaching@gmail.com 

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Unafraid and Full of Passion, will help women live bountifully and in the right zone for their life. Full of inspiration and practical tips to get you moving in the right direction.