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We want you to know

I Write 4U Ghostwriting DOES NOT publish or print your work. We highly encourage publishing and printing through the full service Morris Publishing Company. We are available to provide instruction on next steps with Morris Publishing Company. 

We recognize that individual stories vary. While we understand that all messages are not the same, we respectfully decline writing negative, vile, violent, profanity- laced or depressive stories.


Our purpose is to utilize our skills to uplift, build up and saturate the world with words that have the power to change people’s lives. If that is the message you’d like to have written, let I Write 4U Ghostwriting scribe if for you.

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I Write 4U Ghostwriting is designed to help get your story out into the world. Tell your story so that others may learn from what you’ve experienced in life. 



5-7 chapter books

Five to seven chapter books are easily digestible mostly because they don’t pull on people’s time.  Larger books are intimidating and usually are not read to the end. 



Memoirs are ideal for aging relatives who have profound insights, life lessons, medicinal anecdotes, and “what I know for sure” stories. Memoirs are great books for future family descendants to know their personal history. (Pricing is the same for 5-7 chapter books)

E-books w/images  

Anthology Chapters  


  • Editing (for all written projects)

  • Weekly Conference Calls – designed to interview and discuss the book information and/or edits from the previous chapter interview.  Each chapter returned within 4 days of the discussion for review.