Do you need assistance with clearing the cobwebs out of your thinking?


Once you get the right tools, you can then map out a more direct route to getting "there," while being mentally masterful. 


I've put together life-enhancing and contemplative lessons for your use.

You're already coded on the inside with greatness and unlimited good is your heritage. Allow me to assist you in your journey, to help you build your confidence, and provide you with the tools so that you can walk in your truest self. 


Each month self-examination sessions are available for you to attend. Some are 100% FREE, while others may have a nominal fee. The great thing is that they are designed to jumpstart your journey in a way that is life-changing.


Here are the steps to access each class: 

Step 1:  Click on the class of your choice

Step 2:  This will take you to my teaching platform, Coursecraft. If you are a first-time user, create an account for future use

Step 3:  Once you log into Coursecraft, you will immediately have access to the landing page which will spell out all that you can look forward to throughout the course. Proceed to the course, whether Free or PAID, and follow the instructions to a life-changing experience. 

Step 4:  Be immersed in the process and if you have any questions that you want to shoot my way, you'll have an opportunity to do so. I look forward to interacting with you! 

March 2021

The Mental Workshop, a 3-part transformational workshop   (FREE)

This workshop is available at any time. 

The mind is an amazing organ. However, how we use our mind is key. In this transformation workshop, you will thought provoking assignments that will challenge you to see and master your mind differently.

Mapping Your 24 hours 

(You can access it any time throughout March - it's FREE) 

Mapping Your 24 Hours online course is a day-awakener.  It was created to shake you AWAKE to your life destiny. Each day is a new day to explore, appreciate and take full advantage of what "you've created."

The Unafraid and Fifty 5-week video series was created for pre/post 50-year old women who want to step into a whole new way of doing life. This specialty video and online course is designed to push you down your yellow brick road. Dorothy wasn't the only woman who needed to go down that road! In this course, there won't be any long boring lectures, text-filled chapters or old-fashion power-point slides. The most important message to women throughout this course is... 

"it's not over until it's over!"


Programs and classes that build you into the person you see in your heart.  Includes everything you’ll need to become U2theFULL

Janice McMillian 

Phone: 240-706-1297


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