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The Three Month BEU2theFull Program


Join the three-month membership for $37.00 per month and as a member, you will have access to:

  • A 3-month agenda:  Month 1 - Creating Your Own Reality: Understanding the 98%                          Month 2 - Choosing Sides  Month 3 - Creating Life in 7's.   

  • A 3-month Metamorphosis Road map that coincides with each month's agenda. This will help you chronicle your birthing moments. 

  • Personal coaching that will help spark epiphany moments where you can grow on your own timetable.

  • Monthly live Zoom webinars 

  • Powerful affirmations for each month's journey 

  • Email coaching to troubleshoot obstacles, create a plan of action and manage challenges. 

  • If chosen, a testimonial spot on my radio broadcast of how you're Birthing it, Bringing it and Being it.  and more...

"We rise to great heights by a winding

staircase of small steps."

Francis Bacon

Decide today to be well, decide today you are abundant, decide today to realize your experience is worth gold. Don't second guess, don't look backwards. Step up to the plate and shine your light into this world of possibilities. 

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Programs and classes that build you into the person you see in your heart.  Includes everything you’ll need to become U2theFULL

Janice McMillian 

Phone: 240-706-1297

Email: jmariecoaching@gmail.com 

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