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I'm very grateful to be able to speak to a genre of people who may need to awaken the giant within. Often our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and old patterns of living have robbed us of truly operating in what I believe are, "our divine rights." 

Through my radio platform, BeU2theFull, I share messages that hopefully propel people to change their minds, and change their thoughts in order to see from a "different eye browser" so to speak.


Listen to my pre-recorded shows Mon-Fri, 7-8pm, 11pm-12am and

5-6am and every Thursday, 12 noon EST on the the following FM radio platforms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



​I share 3 profound things to my listeners:

1.    I help you to renew your mind with messages that speak to that part of you that needs to be re-awakened; 

2.    I inspire and build you up; 

3.    I remind you that "whatsoever things you desire" you can have. 


Do YOU have a message?


If you have something to share with my audience and would like to be a guest on my show, please email me at I'd love to interview you. Or,

Are you a business owner, who'd like to share your product or service as a commercial on my show? Please review my media kit below

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Programs and classes that build you into the person you see in your heart.  Includes everything you’ll need to become U2theFULL

Janice McMillian 

Phone: 240-706-1297


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