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Our Full Resource Center

Check out some of the ebooks and courses that have been created to assist you on your journey of self discovery. Some books are free so you can get started healing NOW.

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EBooks and ECourses

Identifying What Gives You Passion (5).png

ReDesign Your Life Plan 


Have you ever taken stock on what your life looks like in real time? It's important to do that simply because it can give you an idea of where you are, what caused you to be there, and what changes you need to make to shift. This FREE, yes FREE, life plan will help you do just that! 

The Life Coaching Starter Kit 


The Life Coaching Starter Kit is designed for Life Coaches who want great tools to jumpstart their new coaching business. a


Complete with coaching models, questions and other tools that will will help you to get started in your new endeavor.

E Courses

15 Day Roadmap (4).png

The 15-Day Roadmap To Self-Awareness 


Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-awareness, and self-discovery to uncover your highest hearts desire and your true purpose in life?


The 15-Day Roadmap to Self-Awareness is your companion on this transformative quest.


This comprehensive ebook roadmap is specifically designed for individuals seeking to dive deep into understanding thieir authentic self through self-discovery, self-awareness, and


E Courses


E Course

An 8-Day Self-Examination Course


Do you see your life somewhere out there yet to unfold? Are you in a season where you want to make a shift in what you are currently doing but feel that the change will take TIME?

This online course will help you to start creating your life in the NOW instead of waiting for it to happen. YOU can get what you want when you find it within yourself! Find out why living your life in the NOW is the pathway to greater joy, freedom and peace.

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